200hr Yoga Teacher Training | Weekend Eight

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Earth to Yogi – This is it!


Dripping in sweat, cracking up & crying all at the same time, these are the words I heard this morning during our last practice together in teacher training. The final hours were upon us and breakthroughs were still happening. It was in this moment that I realized THIS IS IT, but… this is just the beginning. Sure, teacher training is now complete. We are certified yoga teachers, but this work and this practice is a forever thing. The door has been flung wide open for us to continue to grow and learn and be students of life… every day. And, that my friends is something I’m having a hard time putting words around. 

If you think yoga teacher training is just hanging out and doing yoga for a few hours, keep reading.

I can’t speak of other 200 hour trainings but, 502 Power Yoga Teacher Training is transformational work in practice and self. Work like you’d never believe. You will sweat your ass off. You will be so sore it hurts to move. You will dump out the shit inside of you. Like, the dark deep underlying issues you never knew were there or were too stubborn to face. You will cry…a lot. Even non-criers will cry. You will FEEL and want to run. You will experience the beginning of a breakthrough and then feel stuck, lost and so f’ing confused. You will have to face all of the layers that others (and you) have placed on yourself to be who you’re “supposed to be”… only to realize you are GOLD underneath all of the lies and fears and doubts and stories and shame and guilt. YOU ARE GOLD. Holy shit, it’s mind blowing really. 

And on the other side of that is a new way of being. A new beginning. But only if you choose to do the work and stay in it.

One year ago when I applied for this training I had NO IDEA what it would be like, what would happen and how it would change me. I only knew that it was exactly what I needed. Man was I right.  

This training has changed my life. These people have changed my life. I have changed my life.

Coming out of these 200+ hours, I acknowledge:
















Shelby VI



Shelby A


Shelby L





Mary Kipp





These people are role models, mentors, friends and are all now a part of my story. I couldn’t be more honored.


So, what’s next? Teaching of course! I am working on my schedule and plan to teach now and will be adding a section to my website for all of the “where when what” details in the near future. Stay tuned & I hope to teach and practice with each and every one of you.


So much love,



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